I love being in Brisbane because it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I love the fact that the city is so artsy and sweet. There are many people who are going to come to Melbourne because it was once host to the Olympics, and it is also the place where they play the Australian Open. Margaret Court won most of her record 24 grand slam titles at the Australian Open, and she is the darling of her homeland. Brisbane is also the headquarters of Australian Customs for which one of my partner firms Custom Logistics is an authorised clearance agent.

I love to come to Brisbane every year for the open and assist the shipment of hundreds of containers through Custom Logistics Freight Forwarders Brisbane whilst I was there, and I love to see the tournament unfold when the best players in the world are fighting for the first Grand Slam of the year. Some of the best seasons in the history of tennis have been started at the Australian Open, and the winningest female single player made her mark at this tournament.


The hard courts at the Australian Open are made to play fast so that players have to be in the best shape of their lives, and it really tests them for the first time every season. The courts in Brisbane are so fast that the play is very exciting, and some of the greatest players in the world have won that tournament. That is something that people are going to see when they make their way to the courts every year, and it is the thing that I love most about this place. Brisbane plays the best host of the Australian Open, and it is a place with a lot of history that once had the Olympics there. I can walk downtown any time I want, and I am always going to feel like I am at home. I love this place because it is like a home away from home

There are beautiful parts of the countryside outside the city, and the farmland and other areas help you get some wind in your hair. I always go for a nice drive one day when I come down for the Open, and then I go back to see more matches at the courts.